Most of our vehicles are equipped with Systems that require a gas bottle to operate. These systems are considered safe and are wonderful to use. In this section we point out a few important things.

Typical mistakes

Gas bottle empty

Believe it or not, the most phone calls we receive if something is not working is because the gas bottle is in fact empty. To check the status the most reliable way is to remove it and shake it. When in doubt, change it and follow the guide in the heating system section. 

Gas bottle almost empty

Since 2019 the Icelandic gas company stopped selling steel gas bottles. The disadvantage of the plastic bottles is that they have less pressure. Sometimes when you are almost running out of gas the pressure is enough for the stove (cook top) to work. However, the heating system needs more pressure. We recommend changing it if the heating system fails several times. You can always use the rest for cooking.  Check below if you are uncertain about how to change the bottle, please check below in the heating system section. 

Before driving off

Always check the GAS level before driving off. You might need to exchange the bottle at the next gas station. At the same time it is wise to close the gas bottle during driving. 

GAS Valves closed

Inside one of the cabinets, typically under the sink but can be anywhere, you find the valves. Check if they are open. 

Driving and using GAS

The producer recommends shutting all gas operated systems off while driving. The food will keep cold for some time and most systems operate on 12v during driving (some systems have manual operation and some are automatic). The same goes for the heating system, never use the GAS heating system while driving. The drivers cabin has its own independent heating system that will keep you warm.

Puting the hob cover down

While driving the gas should be shut off (close gas bottle) and also close the cover of the stove. The glass will break if you drive off because it will fall down. 

At the same time you should never close the lid / cover while using the stove. It must be open. 

The wind

Never park the vehicle with the propane exhaust point towards the wind. Turn the vehicle in the other direction and see if that helps. Imagine a small flame from a lighter, that’s approximately how it looks inside a fridge or heating system. The wind will blow it out. 

Heating System Related


How to change a gas bottle

When changing the gas bottle there is a big chance that air gets into the pipes. After changing a gas bottle the heating system will therefore fail. If you follow these steps you will not encounter any difficulties. 

Change the bottle, open the valve on the bottle, go inside the camper, turn on the stove and let it burn for 60 seconds. If it does not ignite right away or shuts off please try turning it on again. It’s the air that is trying to escape. 

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Fridge Related


The fridge

Please refer to the guide for heating systems (above) to check if the gas bottle is the issue. Only store food in the fridge that actually needs cooling. When buying groceries you can see in the store what is cooled and what not. In case your fridge does not work, check the temperature outside because a fridge normally has 8°Celsius. That’s approximately the average temperature in Iceland. Another solution would be to get a cooler from a gas station or a store.

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Water Boiler


The water boiler

If your vehicle is equipped with a water boiler there are in fact 2 types. Stand-alone systems have a separate operation panel. Combined systems (TRUMA combi) use a combined heating and water boiler system. If the water boiler fails simply boil water on the stove to heat water. Almost every village in Iceland has a swimming pool with a shower. The camp grounds have showers too. 

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