Welcome to Camper Iceland Support

This is the official Support Page for Camper Iceland. We take pride in providing the most detailed and exclusive support for Motor Homes & Campers in Iceland. A Motor Home and Camper is a delicate vehicle. It has far more features than a regular car and that’s what makes it so interesting. On this webpage we try our best to make your vacation desirable.

80% of issues because of patience

Our extensive experience on Motor Homes & Campers in Iceland and analytics the fault is caused because of impatience of the user. We therefore advise all customers to take it easy, study the manuals or use our support system to find the issue. F.e. if your fridge does not fire up immediately on gas (propane) it’s often caused because of air in the pipes. We recommend using the stove first until all air has cleared and then try the heating system.

Who is to blame for technical errors

Camper Iceland does not produce the vehicle or the equipment. We work with reliable manufacturer and have gained a lot of experience in the market since we started in 2002. The factory produces a wonderful hand made vehicle and we order and import it for Camper Iceland. Since we are based in Iceland there is never ever the same support as in other European countries. In mid Europe you can find a Fiat Professional dealer every 15 – 50 Km. In Iceland there is but one. All other service around Iceland is based on mechanics that specialise in regular cars.

Help yourself

We spent a whole winter generating support videos, support text and support papers. Please find the manuals inside your vehicle before you leave the rental station. Navigate through our support system where you can search for a solution on most issues that can occur.  We continuously update our system adding the newest trouble shooting tipps & tricks.

The fastest Service in Iceland in just 6 levels

We have rented Motor homes and Campers since 2002 and thus required a large experience on this field. Iceland is nothing like the rest of Europe where you have large cities and villages every 5 minutes while travelling. For a long time we were the only FIAT garage in Iceland and the only one that had spare parts for the vehicles. The goal is that you do not even need these steps and go through your vacation without any issue. However, if an issue would occur we kindly ask you to get familiar with the 5 levels of assistance. 


1: Forgot how something works

Any vehicle is a highly complex matter. However, when acquiring a drivers license we learn how to use a vehicle properly. In Iceland, it is necessary to understand how a car functions. The distance between one village to the next can be very long. Therefor when taking a driving license test in Iceland you need to know most motor components, liquids and how to use a vehicle in cold conditions. For those that did not learn these things we have created an Instruction section. Here you can learn about the functionality of vehicles, how to drive in Iceland and how to use our vehicles. 

Solution: Come back to the rental station, or Call us during the opening hours. You can also write us an email. 


2: Can you fix it yourself?

Like described earlier sometimes all you need is a bit of patience. F.e. starting a refrigerator or heating system can sometimes take a few minutes. In our opinion you can fix it yourself as long as you know what you are doing. We cannot take this decision of your hands, but we can guide you through the phone. If you feel that you need someone to look at it, go to step 3.  

3: You can't fix it but you can drive the vehicle?

The easiest way is to come back to the rental station. Even if you are far away it is wise to come back, have us look at the issue and decide to exchange the vehicle or fix the problem. It is difficult to find mechanics around the island that specialize in Motor Homes. Even if the issue is located the missing spare part becomes the next headache. Our experience has shown that a bad repair can follow your whole trip leading to more visits to garages and result in a bad experience. 

Come to our Garage

4: You want to drive to a garage nearby or want road assistance?

As described above it is much cleverer to drive back to our station. However, if you are facing a minor problem like a broken fuse or broken windshield wipers you can always ask at the next gas station or find one of our partner garage to look at the vehicle. After the repair you will have to pay for the repair yourself. Make sure you bring back the invoice and if possible a letter from the garage so you can claim the case when returning the vehicle.

Find a Garage

Another possibility is an Icelandic road assistance company. +354 419 24 00.


5: The vehicle cannot be driven?

If the vehicle does not start normally we call a TAXI with starter cables. However, if it does not start even though it has electricity you probably filled it up with the wrong fuel (Gasoline, Diesel) or there is something wrong with the vehicle. If the vehicle cannot be driven even though the engine is running you are stuck in neutral (4×4 models) or there is something wrong with the vehicle. If you went off-road (illegal) or drove through a bad terrain you might be stuck. If you cannot find help nearby (other vehicles, taxi etc.) please contact us or the closest garage.

Contact us or a Garage

6: Did you have an accident?

If the accident is severe please dial 112 immediately for police or an ambulance or the fire brigade. If the accident is minor please follow the steps in our accident section. 

Visit the Accident Section